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Samsung toner cartridge
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- How to Solve the Printer Print Blank Paper?
- How To Solve the Problem of A New Toner Cartridge?
- How To Distinguish The Toner Cartridge Model?
- How To Replace The Samsung Printer Toner Cartridges?

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 How To Replace The Samsung Printer Toner Cartridges? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Samsung printer is a very general printer, its quality, brand protection, the price is very good, it is worth buying. We will inevitably encounter the problem of replacing the toner cartridge with a printer. How should the Samsung printer replace the cartridge? The following describes the very detailed steps.

Step one, separate the cartridge

The toner cartridge removed from the machine is placed on the desktop. The first problem is how to remove the small metal positioning pins on both sides of the cartridge. In fact, force the two metal pins inward into the cartridge. Of course, this is the key to dismantling the 15A cartridge. After the above work is completed, the cartridge can be divided into two parts: a silo and waste toner collection bin.

Step two, replace the photosensitive drum, scraper

The photoconductor drum is located at the end of the waste toner box, and it is most afraid of strong light and collision. Pull out the pin while fixing the drum, and then remove the screw at the other end and pull out the pin. This allows the drum to be easily removed. Remove the charging roller PCR from underneath the drum carefully. Note: Do not use force or solvent to clean the charging roller to avoid damaging the surface coating. Below the charging roller is a scraper, remove the two screws of the fixed scraper, remove the scraper, clean the waste powder in the waste toner bin, and then re-arrange the scraper, charging roller and photosensitive drum in order. Replace it. After the installation is completed, use both hands to push the gears on both sides of the drum to rotate the drum until the residue on the drum surface is scraped.

Step three, filling the toner

The replacement of the photosensitive drum and the scraper is performed on the waste toner collecting bin, and the filled toner should naturally be in the powder bin part. First remove the side metal pin on the side of the silo, then you can hold it by hand and pull it out. After pulling out the shell, you will find a small blue plastic lid, remove the lid, Inject special toner into the powder tank. After the plastic cover is buckled back to the silo port, the various parts of the silo are recovered, and then the gears on both sides of the magnetic roller are pushed forward by hand, so that the magnetic roller rotates several times, when it is found that the toner has been evenly sucked on the magnetic roller. At that time, it proved that the filling was successful.

Step four, recover the toner cartridge:

The toner cartridge and waste toner collecting bin are put together, and the positioning pins on both sides are put in position. The cartridge will be updated successfully. Of course, it must also be tested on the machine.

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 How To Distinguish The Toner Cartridge Model? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

When you run out of the original cartridge in the printer, do you know how to do it and how can you keep the printer working? Of course, the answer is to replace the cartridge. However, do you know your cartridge model? If you take notes while buying a printer, you may know, otherwise you may have forgotten. It doesnt matter, we still have a way to know the cartridge model.

Is very simple, first of all to distinguish between the printer brands such as HP, Canon, Samsung, etc., the printer is generally on the front or back of the printer model, open the lid to remove the cartridge, the cartridge will be marked above the general cartridge model, which is the cartridge model, usually the same cartridge can For a variety of printer models, you can ask professionals which models are common, or you can search on a large online shopping platform, there are generally very detailed generic cartridge models. For example, my toner cartridge is hp 26x toner. The applicable printer is LaserJet Pro M402dn LaserJet Pro M402dw LaserJet Pro M402n LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdn LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdw. If you don't know about your printer model, you can come to search it at V4ink, I believe there will be the answer you want.

There is also a problem here. Many users cannot identify cartridges and ink cartridges. Some people even think that they are the same. This is the wrong idea. Cartridges are used in inkjet printers. They are mainly used to print color documents or pictures. The print speed is slower and the cost is higher. Cartridges are used in laser printers, mainly for black and white text. Print speed is fast and cost is low. Cartridges are used in laser printers. Due to the impact of different toner cartridges on printing paper, it is obvious that the color reproduction capability is insufficient and the images are not saturated. Even if some of them look unclear, and a large number of words will appear hyphenated. A good ink cartridge always satisfies the fine, clear, saturated images and intense color reproduction of text. So buying a good quality toner cartridge is the key to printing. You can't care less about it. If you need it, it is recommended that you purchase hp printer toner.

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 How To Solve the Problem of A New Toner Cartridge? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

At the beginning of the purchase, the cartridges will have a lot of things that we need to learn. It is only because of some special operations that a cartridge will be scrapped. This article will introduce the cartridge installation and operation methods, taking hp toner cartridges as an example. There are still problems with this cartridge. Processing, I hope to help everyone buy a new laser printer and cartridge installation and maintenance. The seal cannot be pulled out. It is generally caused by poor assembly. The seal is stuck or folded with toner.

Leakage powder, in addition to the bad sealing seal caused before the leakage of powder, multiple parts or parts of the cartridge will cause the leakage of powder during use, the magnetic roller seal felt defect, the aging of the powder knife, magnetic roller seal blade deformation and paste is not Insulation, sealing sponge defects or aging, deformation of the cleaning blade and loose adhesion can cause powder leakage.

If the print is not available, the full white version is either light or blurry. It may be that the seal is not pulled open. The powder cartridge pulls the seal and shakes before it shows that the powder is not smooth. The laser did not shine on the drum, the toner visor did not open, and the drum guard did not open. The drum is badly grounded, and the electrical contact points on the conductive sheet or cartridge on the drum are not in good contact with the electrical contacts on the machine.

Prints that are all black are usually a problem with electricity, missing a charge roller or poor assembly. The charging roller conductive bracket is deformed or has poor contact. The vertical black line refers to any unwanted vertical line from top to bottom, which may be composed of thick or thin lines, continuous or intermittent. The thin, light-coloured vertical lines are generally the result of a cleaning blade notch or a circle of scratches on the drum. Crude and intermittent black lines, and the edges are not clear, often caused by the sealing blade wrinkle or the aging of the powder knife.

The vertical line white line on the black plate appears on the printed paper, the depth of the drum, the presence of impurities on the drum, or the wear of the magnetic roller coating. Horizontal stenosis refers to the horizontal discontinuity on the print, which cannot be printed because of local exposure of the drum coating, drum drive gear defects, looseness or tooth defects. Magnetic roller coating defects, core broken or positioning error, the magnetic roller sheath seriously worn or deformed, magnetic roller conductive spring contact bad or beat. Periodic writing is ambiguous, often caused by contamination of the drum or charging roller coating. Watermarks, mimeographs, and finger prints often cause this defect.

Background scattering refers to unwanted black spots around text or lines, caused by a magnetic roller coating or poor toner. Drum overheating can also cause this defect. The irregular vertical black spots are scattered by the waste powder caused by the deformation of the sealing blade. Too much dust accumulates on the magnetic roller, causing powder leakage. Light color is related to many factors. The problem of toner itself, drum powder, magnetic roller with the problem. Out of powder knife aging, magnetic roller wear, drum life, high humidity or medium moisture absorption.

Bottom ash refers to the atomized toner that appears in the blank area of the print product. It is also related to a variety of factors such as scraper aging, dirty charging roller, toner problem, drum fatigue, life expectancy, low ambient temperature and dryness, poor print media, charging roller Wear. Whether they are genuine cartridges or compatible toner cartridges, there may be problems with their use.

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 How to Solve the Printer Print Blank Paper? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

If your printer is a dot matrix printer, the cause of the paper blank is mostly due to ink ribbon drying, ribbon breakage, print head damage, etc. Replace the ribbon or maintain the print head in time.

In the case of inkjet printers, failures that cause print blanks are mostly due to nozzle clogging, ink cartridges lacking ink, etc. The nozzles should be cleaned or replaced.

For laser printers, because its consumables are laser toner cartridges, toner cartridges are its core components. The cause of this type of malfunction may be that the developing roller is not sucking toner (the developing roller DC bias is not applied), or the photosensitive drum is not grounded, so that the negative charge cannot be released to the ground, and the laser beam cannot be on the photosensitive drum.

In addition, if the drum of the laser printer does not rotate, no image will be generated and transmitted to the paper. So you need to follow the steps below. Disconnect the printer, remove the toner cartridge, open the notch on the lid, and mark the non-photosensitive part of the drum and reload it.

After booting for a while, and then checking out if the check mark has moved, you can judge whether the photoconductor drum is working properly.

If the toner cannot be supplied normally or the laser beam is blocked, blank paper will also be printed. Therefore, check that the toner is used up, that the cartridge is properly loaded in the printer, that the sealing tape has been removed, or that there is no obstructer on the laser light path. It should be noted that the power must be turned off during the inspection because the laser beam may damage the operator's eyes.

When a user prints with the hp cf226a toner cartridge, the printer prints a blank page, which can be solved by the above method.

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